Houston Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is a type of bankruptcy which comes from a section (Chapter 11) of the federal bankruptcy code and it is primarily for businesses or corporations. It is somewhat more flexible than a Chapter 13. This kind of filing can end harassment from creditors, obtain an extended time to repay debts and can also stretch paying taxes off to the IRS for up to six years. Any business owner looking into Chapter 11 should consult with a Houston bankruptcy attorney experienced in the applicable laws so they can be get their questions answered and certain of selecting the best decisions for their enterprise.

At Stockton Law Offices, we have been helping individuals and businesses with all types of bankruptcy filings and processes for 15 years. We know how tough the times can be which lead up to a bankruptcy choice, and we also know how valuable it can be to help to mitigate or eliminate many business distractions in the form of pressing creditors.

Chapter 11 filings and processes are complex and there is a lot to know to successfully get through them. The Chapter 11 section of bankruptcy law is there to help allow businesses to gain time on debts, eliminate stress in getting them satisfied and increase the profitability of their venture to make it happen. It is important to have legal representation that can help you through bankruptcy smoothly. Businesses who do not have a skilled lawyer can fail completely in filing bankruptcy. Having an attorney from our team on your side can help you to understand the subject, activate the law for your benefit and assist you to get through it efficiently with your best interests in mind.