Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Houston

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Filings

The federal bankruptcy code has several categories of law which were established to provide a means for those overwhelmed by debt to make a new start. Chapter 13 relates to individual and business owners and does not involved selling of any assets, exempt or non-exempt, but allows the debtor to make payments according to a plan approved and supervised by the bankruptcy court. If you are a business owner or individual considering this bankruptcy chapter, get in touch with a Houston bankruptcy lawyer at Stockton Law Offices for help in the decision-making process.

Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy has eligibility limits in the form of income ranges. If your income is above or below a certain point, you may be in the range which qualifies to file for Chapter 13. This kind of bankruptcy can provide relief by bringing to an end all calls and contacts from creditors. It can allow the individual to make a fresh start for self or business and can result in a payment plan which is usually three to five years.

Houston Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

One of the aspects of Chapter 13 is that it brings reorganization of debt and, often times, credit card amounts are reduced considerably or down to nothing. One has to be qualified to file this or any kind of bankruptcy and it is vital to retain an attorney to help you understand it, qualify for it and know your best options. It is impossible to determine the best course of action without a full review of your circumstances and finances, so get in touch with our offices for help. Your attorney is your best representative and can guide you through it, especially once the process is has been initiated.