Are you facing a lawsuit from a creditor?

Through thick and thin, you have worked hard and done the best you could for you and your family. But, along with countless others, you now find yourself in a financially untenable situation since the economy has turned south. High credit card and loan balances have been looming over you for months, but you have had to focus your limited monetary resources on caring for your own family's immediate needs. Now you have gotten word of a pending lawsuit from a creditor who is attempting to collect the debt owed to them. This can create a world of emotion and fear, but you can obtain caring help from a Houston bankruptcy lawyer.

If you owe a significant amount of money to a creditor or collection agency, they may seek to pursue you in court. They may serve you with something called a "complaint and summons," outlining what the creditor is seeking and requiring you to appear in court at a certain time. It is in your best interest to procure excellent legal help if you are facing this situation. An able attorney can represent your best interests through any litigation and can even work to negotiate with your creditors to reach a manageable and acceptable out of court settlement.

You do not have to face the financial stress alone. We at Stockton Law Offices have been committed to consumer rights and advocacy for many years, helping clients face creditors head on. Our team will work hand in hand with you towards a solution that can help you avoid bankruptcy and financial disaster. We are intimately familiar with dealing with creditors and seeking the resolutions you need.