Do you need help negotiating with creditors?

There has not been such a deep and painful recession in our country for decades. You and your family may be among the millions who are facing unexpected and threatening financial hard times as the result of high debt loads, unfavorable mortgage terms and unemployment. You spend many a sleepless night wondering where to turn for the help you need. You may even have heard about such things as debt settlement and negotiation with creditors to lower high balances, but when you have attempted this on your own, you have yet to receive the results you need. The good news is that a Houston bankruptcy lawyer has experience and success in helping consumers negotiate with their creditors in ways they cannot achieve alone.

Like many hard-working and conscientious Americans, you have made valiant attempts to meet your obligations. But despite your best effort, you may now be unable to meet even you minimum monthly payments. Through direct and tenacious work with your creditors, a skilled attorney can work to negotiate a repayment amount that is significantly less than what you owe. These negotiations can yield a reduced balance of up to 40%, 50%, or even 80% in some cases. You may have considered bankruptcy as an option, but through debt negotiation, you can do a great deal to avoid this financial nightmare.

With the help of Stockton Law Offices, you will have a successful and compassionate consumer advocate on your side. We can help push through the walls that creditors have put up when you have attempted debt settlement on your own, diligently seeking the best possible outcome for your financial crisis. With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that our exemplary level of client care has been beneficial to many people in the same situation as yourself.