Trusted Help with Debt Settlement

You have no doubt heard about bad financial times in the news. Markets are down, real estate values have plummeted, and countless numbers of people now find themselves out of work with no job prospects on the foreseeable horizon. There is a good chance that you and your household may be unable to escape one or more of these negative financial aspects. For whatever the reason, the credit card debt you now carry can seem like a huge albatross instead of a reasonable debt load, putting you and your family in peril of foreclosure and bankruptcy as you are unable to meet your monthly obligations as you once were. You are not alone in your struggles, and with knowledgeable advice and strong action, a Houston bankruptcy attorney can answer your questions and help you explore the many avenues available to you.

One of the little known and understood actions that consumers are able to use to alleviate their own financial crisis is debt settlement. Creditors are also now under immense financial pressure from the recession, and although they may talk a threatening talk, they need to get delinquent debt off their books. Many credit card companies and banks are more than willing to work with consumers to reach a settlement on their debts that can be both beneficial to them and you. Credit card balances can be settled for a mere percentage of every dollar in many cases. But who can you turn to for this help? It is quite necessary to have a strong legal team on your side who knows the ins and outs of the debt settlement process.

The attorneys at Stockton Law Offices have been fighting for consumer rights successfully for years. With a focus on consumer advocacy, our team cares deeply about its clients and their ability to get back onto firm financial ground as soon as possible. With our personal level of service and communication, we will work closely with your creditors to seek out debt settlement options that can be difficult to obtain from a creditor alone.