Assistance with Obtaining a Loan Modification

If you are having trouble meeting your monthly house payments, but believe that a loan modification could help you stay above water and remain in the house you have worked so hard to maintain and protect, you can obtain valuable assistance from a Houston bankruptcy attorney. It is important to procure legal help that remains up to date on changes in laws and ever-evolving options that are available to you.

Loan modifications are permanent changes to the terms of your loan agreed upon by both you and your lender. In a time of documentable hardship, a mortgage servicer may be willing to modify your mortgage contract in an effort to help you make payments and keep your home. With an ultimate goal of long term affordability, a loan modification can do things such as reduce your principal, lower your interest rate and lock in lower rates for extended periods. However, it may actually be against your best interest to pursue a loan modification if you have been a victim of mortgage fraud or predatory lending, as lenders will generally force you to waive your legal rights to recourse if they modify your loan.

Under all circumstances, it is highly advisable to consult with a skilled professional before seeking or agreeing to a loan modification. With years of experience and consumer advocacy under their belts, the attorneys at Stockton Law Offices will always put their clients' needs and best interests above all else. Knowledgeable and vigilant, our team will do all within its power to protect your financial health and keep you in your hard-earned and beloved home.