Making Your Bankruptcy Pay You

Many individuals may not see advantages in bankruptcy, especially if they view the subject through an idea of shame or apprehension based on pride, and do not get themselves informed. Giving an experienced Houston bankruptcy lawyer the details of your individual circumstances and getting your questions answered is the first step to discovering what benefits bankruptcy may have in store for you.

At the Stockton Law Offices, we are familiar and experienced with helping individuals turn bankruptcy law to their benefit, obtaining debt relief and a fresh financial start. Just the fact of having a way out of monetary distress when you have arrived to such an unfortunate situation opens up the potential for a stable financial future. Depending on your circumstances and whether you qualify for one of the types of bankruptcy, we can show you how you can get your bankruptcy to pay you.

The law has been modified to prevent dishonest individuals from unjustly using bankruptcy to avoid paying debts when they could in fact pay them. For honest persons who have found themselves or their businesses in financial straits, you may be able to strategize a bankruptcy so that you come through it winning financially. For example, in certain circumstances, if you have a home with a mortgage that is "under water", where the value of the home is now less than what your loan is, walking away from it with bankruptcy may save you the money you would otherwise have lost by paying the mortgage in full. There are other potential advantages beyond the relief of permanently blocking off all creditor harassment and eliminating unsolvable debts. To find out about what you may be able to get out of a bankruptcy, consult with an attorney from our offices.