Have you been a victim of predatory lending?

Leading up to the bursting of the real estate bubble and crash of the stock markets, there was a great deal of shady mortgage activity and predatory lending being pushed upon consumers. Sadly, these deplorable practices are still going on through the recession. Unethical financial practices have left many an unsuspecting family unable to meet monthly house payments. The sad fact is, through unscrupulous mortgage practices, these people were set up to fail from the beginning. If your or a loved one has been a victim of mortgage fraud, a Houston bankruptcy attorney stands ready to provide valuable assistance.

There have been many practices used be lenders to trap people into unbeneficial situations. For instance, if a lender provided a loan based on your home's equity without taking into account your ability to pay off this loan, it very well may be hoping for a foreclosure. This institution knowingly put you at huge risk for the potential of profiting at your peril. Other lenders hide the true nature and details of a loan deep within the fine print of mountains of paperwork. Others yet dangle a gift-wrapped carrot of loan refinancing in front of you, skillfully concealing charges and prepayment fees each time they do you the "favor" of refinancing. In the end, this can balloon the principal of your loan, making it nearly impossible to gain traction.

At Stockton Law Offices, we deeply care about protecting our clients' rights to a bright and vivid future. When predatory lending actions put you at severe risk, our attorneys can work doggedly to fight back against mortgage fraud and illegal behavior. You have a true advocate on your side with our form working on your behalf.