Defending against the Nightmare of Wage Garnishment

One of the most crippling things that you can face is a wage garnishment. You are more than likely already in a difficult financial position, and now the raiding of your paycheck by a creditor can subject you and your family to further exposure. If you are facing a wage garnishment due to a court order in a creditor's favor or as recourse on a tax debt by the IRS or state tax agency, you can receive effective help in protecting your rights and interests by contacting a Houston bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible.

You may be wondering how a wage garnishment comes about. When you do not pay a certain debt, your creditor can pursue legal action against you. One of the consequences of a judgment might be the granting of rights to that creditor to actually take money from your paycheck to cover the debt you owe. They can obtain the right to take up to 25% of each paycheck until the debt is repaid, but cannot garnish social security benefits, student loans, unemployment payments, welfare benefits, or pension and retirement incomes. Far worse than that is an IRS wage garnishment, where there are no limits set to the amount they can go after. The IRS routinely seeks 30% wage garnishments, and in some unique situations, up to 70% of each paycheck.

The positive news is this - you should be able to see this potential pitfall coming from a mile away. A creditor cannot obtain a wage garnishment without a court order, which would have required legal notice and action before that. It is crucial that you obtain the immediate assistance of a skilled legal team at the first notice of any potential action against you. We at Stockton Law Offices can use our extensive knowledge and resources to protect your assets and financial vitality.